Madhubani Art

Natural colours + handmade paper + brush + twigs, Madhubani Painting it is..

Also known as Mithila Paintings, Madhubani paintings are amongst the famous and renowned Indian folk art. The initial paintings described some ritual content depending upon the occasions like festivals, religious ceremonies etc.

With time the artists have changes the concept of the paintings. But 2 things have not changed yet -

1. geometrical shapes to make the painting

2. natural colours to add colours and life

Customization - Do you have a design in your mind? Or a blur idea of what you want? Or a different colour or size with this design?

Give us an opportunity to help us create best for you.

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The initial references for the Madhubani paintings are found in Ramayan. This was when King Janak, father of Goddess Sita asked the painters to make a Madhubani painting for her wedding with God Ram. Since then generation to generation this art has been carried forward.

For the women of a village called Ranti in Bihar, Madhubani paintings are an important part of their life. They consider it as a medium to spread awareness on social issues like polio, female feticide and women empowerment. The work of famous artists like Karpuri Devi and Mahalaxmi Dulari are displayed in a museum in Japan. Through the museum they try to promote this art and the artists and also give motivation to young artists of the country.

With the advancement of time these Madhubani Paintings have also grown and flourished. From the time of Ramayana the Madhubani painting has been done on various cloth pieces, handmade paper and canvas sheet. We bring to you more options- Madhubani painitngs on Silk cloth, Tussar Silk clutch bags, Ikkat Potli Bags and Coaster Sets.

Happy Madhubani!